Festivities & Snowiness

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Festive decorations // Birthday flowers // (Ellie eating) Whipped cream.  Yes // Candied chocolate dipped orange peel // Remade candy // Snowy loveliness // Oranges in the snow // Peppermint hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream (the best)

I’m thankful for all the color and light and beauty and love and family around me, especially in the last few weeks.  May the Lord gives us eyes to see, minds to appreciate, and hearts to rejoice in the gifts He gives.

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2 thoughts on “Festivities & Snowiness

  1. You brightened the start of my Monday. Could I subscribe to a daily version, please? Especially through January and February.

    I think I stare at your posts so much because of your use of color and space; I know nothing about photography or composition but my eyes are happy with the way your pictures feel. There’s a balance of clear colors with soft light and “blank” space that feels therapeutic.

    More please? ;)

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